Tdata Technical Support Downloads


Summary Special Info Download link
IApproach 6.e installer Use this ISO file to burn an installer CD Requires CD creation software (Roxio, Nero etc..) IA6e Installer ISO
IApproach 6.e install instructions IApproach 6.e installer instructions in PDF format Requires Acrobat reader IA6e Install Instructions
IApproach 6.e Internet Delivery Installer Installer CD image for IApproach internet delivery version (ISO format) Requires CD creation software (Roxio, Nero etc..) IA6e Internet Delivery version
MTrax v2.6 Demo

MTrax demo setup file in ZIP format
(full version requires authorization code)

36Mb Zip file. Save to your hard drive and unzip. Instructions included (PDF format) MTrax v2.6 Demo
Tdata Support Viewer Used for remote assistance Download only at the request of Tdata Tech Support Tdata Support Viewer
iTrax 2014 Demo Installer for iTrax 2014 Inventory Software 167Mb Zip file. Save to your hard drive and unzip before running Setup. Instructions included (PDF format) iTrax 2014 Demo
SQLServer2005 patch Patch for iTrax v2.7users with Windows 64 bit Only use if instructed by Tdata Support - Reboot required SQLServer2005_XMO_x64.msi


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