What is IApproach

IApproach is your source for ADs, Service Bulletins and other regulatory information for small aircraft, helicopters and corporate jets. With all new speed enhancements in IApproach version 6.e, pre-formatted aircraft templates (now counting 400) and an extensive collection of Service Bulletins, IApproach is the "must-have" research software subscription.

What is MTrax

MTrax provides you with easy and accurate maintenance tracking at a reasonable price. MTrax has a unique and intuitive user interface. Our FleetReporter add-on allows you to organize your MTrax files into virtual fleets and create reports for your entire fleet.

What is iTrax

Developed specifically for the aviation professional, iTrax provides you the ability to track inventory items including serialized and life-limited consumables.

With iTrax, you can specify the condition of serialized parts to ensure they are utilized in the order which best fits your operation.

What is AVANT

A V A N T regulatory libraries contain ADs, Service Bulletins and other regulatory information for small and/or large aircraft, helicopters. These libraries offer advanced checklist and FAA Forms editing. All documents are in PDF format so that they look just like the original paper versions.


ad number manufacturer section posted by FAA
18-16-13 ZODIAC SEATS APPLIANCE 09-21-2018
18-19-05 DASSAULT AIRFRAME 09-21-2018
18-19-08 AGUSTA AIRFRAME 09-21-2018
18-18-18 AIRBUS AIRFRAME 09-18-2018
18-18-19 AIRBUS AIRFRAME 09-18-2018
18-18-20 AIRBUS AIRFRAME 09-18-2018
18-18-21 AIRBUS AIRFRAME 09-18-2018
18-19-04 LEARJET AIRFRAME 09-18-2018
18-17-15 GARRETT ENGINE 09-17-2018
18-19-01 AEROSPATIALE AIRFRAME 09-17-2018
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The new Tdata.com will have a fresh new look, more funtionality and make ordering and renewing much easier.

Most importantly, you will be able to login and have access to our new suite of browser based products which will be released in the coming months.

This includes the new IApproach7 (IA7) - our new browser based FAA regulatory library. Check back for more details about IA7™!




Our Lycoming libraries have the content you need with powerful navigation and search features. 

All documents are in AdobeĀ® PDF format and look just like the originals. 

Six libraries to choose from starting at $299/yr. 

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