iTrax - Inventory Tracking

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Quick Overview

iTrax is aviation-specific so you no longer have to “make-do” with general inventory applications that almost meet your needs.

Developed specifically for the aviation professional, iTrax™ provides you the ability to track inventory items including serialized and life-limited consumables.

With iTrax, you can specify the condition of serialized parts to ensure they are utilized in the order which best fits your operation.

At just $1,995, iTrax is affordable.

Download iTrax evaluation software (167Mb zip file)

iTrax Main Screen - Large View

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  • iTrax Main Screen - Large View
  • iTrax Main Screen - Filtered by Assignment
  • Search your inventory
  • Search disposed items
  • Dispose of items
  • Generate Reports
  • Maintain Assignments and set defaults for new items
  • Part Edit Screen
  • Edit and add Serialized Parts


    Impressive iTrax features make your job easier:


  • • Easy to Learn and Use
  • • Powerful SQL database technology
  • • Standalone or network - add licenses as you grow.
  • • Track an unlimited number of inventory items and parts
  • • Export reports to Microsoft Excel® or Adobe PDF®
  • • Track serialized parts and maintain parts conditions
  • • Track hours and cycles for serialized parts
  • • Create customizable part detail items (Facilities, ATA codes, Assignments,

       Custom fields etc).

  • • Create custom fields and use barcoding to increase efficiency
  • • Easy commitment of inventory items - To better fit the way you work, parts can

       be committed before they even leave your stock

  • • Part Costing and Pricing - Instantly determine the value of your inventory by using

       the Inventory Valuation Report.

  • • KwikAdjustTM - With Tdata's KwikAdjust feature, you can quickly change both

       in-stock and committed part quantities from the main screen. You don't have to drill down

       to individual part detail