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IApproach version 6.e (updated July 10, 2014)

Contact Tdata technical support » 614.885.1169 or [email protected]

Here are some answers to common tech support issues for IApproach. If you are
a paid  subscriber and would like personal assistance, you can contact us at the
numbers above.

There is no charge for technical support during your paid subscription period.


Q]  "Customers using Avast antivirus software experiencing problems running IApproach"

A).  Problems can occur when Avast antivirus falsely identifies IApproach as a virus.

This is known as a "False Positive" and can occur at any time when your antivirus definitions are updated.
  1. 1). Please read the Tdata bulletin regarding Avast antivirus (Avast bulletin).
  2. 2). These instructions show you how to add IApproach to the exceptions list so that you can eliminate the problem.
  3. 3). If you need help with this procedure, please call Tdata support at 614.885.1169 or contact us

Q] "When printing an FAA form, all of the checkboxes are checked (for example 337 in Block 4)."

A).  This can occur if you do not have Adobe Reader installed or Adobe Reader is not set as the default for viewing PDF files.

Many new computers come with Microsoft Reader and no Adobe Reader. Also, older computers sometimes inadvertently download a third party PDF Reader that “overpowers” Adobe Reader and becomes your new default PDF reader.
  1. 1). Check your list of programs. If you do not have Adobe Reader, go to www.adobe.com and download the latest free version. It should become the default automatically. You can confirm this by following the instructions below.
  2. 2). If you have Adobe Reader and want it to be the default program for PDF files, find a PDF document and right-click on it.
  3. 3). Select “Open with” and choose Adobe Reader. Be sure the checkbox labeled, “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” has a checkmark in it. This will set Adobe Reader as your default for PDF documents.
  4. 4). If you need help with this procedure, please call Tdata support at 614.885.1169 or contact us

Q] "ERROR 4401 or Trouble viewing SBs, TCDS, ACs or FARs"

A).  CAUSE: Recent changes with Internet Explorer 9 have restricted portions of the registry which were previously available. 
  1. 1). To correct this, save this file to your desktop IApproach_Fix.zip
  2. 2). Unzip the file 'IApproach_Fix.reg'
  3. 3). Right-click on 'IApproach_Fix.reg' and choose 'Merge'
  4. 4). Allow the file to merge into your registry then restart IApproach.
  5. 5). * If you need help with this procedure, please call Tdata support at 800.783.2827 or email support

Q] "I am having a lot of error messages which cause the program to close or my computer to lock up."

A).  The most common causes include: 
  1. 1). A dirty or defective CD-Rom drive
  2. 2). Scratched, defective or dirty CD media
  3. 3). An outdated CD-Rom drive (manufactured around 1997 or before)


Even if your drive can read other CDs without problems, please remember that Tdata's CD contains a lot of data and therefore your CD-Rom drive must be able to read to the outer portion of the media. One of the following will fix the problem. 
  1. 4). Obtain a CD-Rom cleaning kit (available at your local computer store for about $10) and clean your CD-Rom drive. Your drive contains sensitive optics and cleaning it will remove dust which can cause problems or degrade your drive's performance.
  2. 5). Examine the back side of the CD media for scratches or smudges. If the media is dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cotton cloth.
  3. 6). Try a previous issue of the Tdata CD and see if you have similar problems. If so, this may indicate that there are problems with your CD-Rom drive.
  4. 7). Try the media in another computer (if available) and see if you can look at the contents using Windows explorer (you do not have to install IApproach to examine the disc this way).
  5. 8). If you feel that the CD media is defective, please call us to obtain a replacement. [ 800.783.2827 or 614.885.1169 ]
  6. 9). Replace your CD-Rom drive with a new one.

Q] "Will IApproach run under Win 7, Win 8 and Vista?"

A).  IApproach will run under Windows 7 Windows 8 and Vista - simply modify the IA6 shortcut. Please refer to the IApproach Vista bulletin. 

Q] "I am having problems previewing or printing 337 forms"

A). If you see and error such as "unsupported operation" or similar, please refer to the IApproach Vista/Win7 bulletin and follow steps 1 through 7. 

Q] "Will IApproach run on the Mac?"

A).  IApproach is a Windows program. There is no Mac version available, however it is possible to run ALL of your Windows programs on the Mac. 
  1. Other Tdata customers have used Parallels software to run their Windows programs on Macs. Try these links for more information:
  2. Parallels Desktop for Mac
  3. Here is a link to some quick videos that show you how it works.

Q] "Can I install IApproach under 'limited' or other non-administrator user accounts? How about multiple user accounts on the same work station?"

A).  Yes but you need to install according to the steps below. These steps require advanced knowledge of the operating system.  
      Preferred method:
    1 Log in as administrator and install with the 6.e installer CD.
    2 After the installer is finished, insert the latest data disc (ex 2004-07).
    3 When the main menu appears, open each section of IApproach and size each screen to the users preference. Opening each section ensures that the registry entries are created under HKCU\Software\tdata corporation
    4 Open regedit and export HKCU\Software\tdata corporation to a common folder on the hard drive or network.
    5 Expand HKLM and right click on 'Software' then permissions.  Select the user or group and make sure that permissions are set to 'full control'.
      Completing the installation as a limited user:
    6 Log off and/or change to the target user account. Use regedit or an equivalent method to import the .reg file from the common folder in step 5.
    7 You can now run IApproach from the limited user account.
      * Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each user account as required.
      Alternate method:
    1 Log into your computer as user with local Administrator rights.
    2 Click on 'Start' then 'Control Panel'
    3 Switch Control Panel to classic view by clicking on "switch to classic view" in the upper left of the control panel.
    4 Double Click on 'User Accounts'.
    5 Click on 'Change Account' and change the account type to Computer Administrator.
    6 Log on as the Limited user.
    7 Install IApproach 6.e using your installer CD.
    8 Restart your computer.
    9 Repeat 1 – 4 then change the account type back to Limited.
    10 Log on as the Limited user and run IApproach.

Q] ERROR: "IApproach was not correctly installed, please reinstall.." OR "Installation incomplete - please reinstall IApproach"

A).  Perform following actions to resolve this problem: 
  1. 1). Use REGEDIT to enable read and write permissions for the following area of your registry then restart IApproach.
  3. 3). If you need help with this procedure, please contact Tdata support

Q] FAA Forms: When trying to print a form that I have created or opened, nothing happens after selecting 'Print' or 'Print preview'.

A).  This issue is caused by an incomplete or corrupted installation of the Adobe® Acrobat Reader®. To correct this problem, uninstall Acrobat Reader, reboot your computer then install the latest version of Acrobat Reader® (available from Adobe)
To uninstall Acrobat Reader®, click on 'Start' then 'Control Panel' then 'Add or Remove Programs'. If you have more than one version, remove all versions of Acrobat Reader® then reboot your computer.
Download and install the latest version of Acrobat Reader®
If you need help with this procedure, please contact Tdata support.  

Q] 337 Form: When printing or previewing a 337 form, the text runs over the border on the right in Block 8.

A).  This issue can be caused by one of two situations: 
  1. 1). Your Screen Resolution DPI setting is too high or you have an outdated, incomplete or corrupted installation, or multiple versions of the Adobe Acrobat® Reader.
  2. 2). First, check your DPI setting by going into 'Control Panel', then 'Display'. Select the 'Settings' tab and then click on the 'Advanced' button. If your DPI is set to anything higher than Normal size (96 DPI) use the pulldown arrow to select 96 DPI then click the 'Apply' button.
  3. 3). ou may have to restart your computer for this setting to take effect.
  4. 4). If your DPI setting is at 96 DPI or smaller and the problem still exists, you will need to uninstall Acrobat Reader, reboot your computer and then install the latest version of Acrobat Reader® (available free from Adobe)
  5. 5). To uninstall Acrobat Reader®, click on 'Start' then 'Control Panel' then 'Add or Remove Programs'. If you have more than one version, remove all versions of Acrobat Reader® then reboot your computer.
    Download and install the latest version of Acrobat Reader®
  6. 6). If you need help with this procedure, please contact Tdata support.

Q]  When trying to open Summary of STC's I get an error "…no association with PDF files."

A).  Open the IApproach Main Menu then press and hold the CTRL, SHIFT and F7 keys at the same time. A pop-up screen will ask if you have Adobe v.7.0. Click the "Yes" button. The next screen will ask if you wish to try to correct the problem. Click the "Yes" button.
Close and reopen the IApproach Main menu and try the Summary of STC's again. 

Q] ERROR: "Expiration file not found, cannot continue" OR "Installation incomplete"

A). Use REGEDIT to enable read and write permissions for the following areas of your registry then restart IApproach.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\tdata corporation
If you need help with this procedure, please contact Tdata support. 

Q] I cannot locate my installer CD. Is there a way I can download it?

A).  Yes. If you have CD burning capability, you can download our installer ISO file and use it to create an installer CD. 
  1. 1). For more information on CD creation from an ISO file, consult the CD creation software documentation.
  2. 2). Generally, you can download this ISO file to your hard drive and right-click on it. You should see an option to 'create cd' or similar.
  3. 3). See IApproach_installer.ISO and Installing IApproach.

Q] "Shortcut to drive or network connection cannot be found" error when clicking on the IA6 desktop icon

A).  The most common causes of this error are: 
  1. 1). Your computer is not able to read the CD-Rom media. Make sure that the IApproach CD is in your CD-Rom drive.
  2. 2). If the CD is in the drive and you still get the same error, obtain a CD-Rom cleaning kit and clean your drive.
  3. 3). The drive letter of your CD drive has changed. Try reinstalling IApproach.
  4. 4). If your PC has 2 CD drives, make sure that the IApproach CD is in the drive that you originally installed it from.
  5. 5). If you still get the error message, your CD drive or the IApproach media may be defective.
  6. 6). Call us at 800-783-2827 or 614-885-1169 for additional help with this issue.

Q]  "either your demo period has expired or you entered an incorrect password when you installed ..." error message

A).  You have installed the program as a demo or used the wrong password when you originally installed. Reinstall IApproach using your installer CD. Your password is printed on the installer CD. 

Q]  FAA forms - The data does not line up with the form when printed

A).  Make sure that your printer is set to 8.5 x 11 and not A4. Since the FAA forms are designed for 8.5 x 11, they will not line up correctly unless the printer is using this setting. 

Q] ERROR: "data source name not found and no default driver specified" or similar message"

A).  The most common causes for this problem are: 
  1. 1). Win95/98 - Microsoft MDAC was not completely installed before installing IApproach.
  2. 2). Reboot your PC and then Reinstall IApproach using your installer CD.
  3. 3). Your password is printed on face of the installer CD.
  4. 4). You are running Windows 95 and have never installed Microsoft DCOM. If this is the case
  5. 5). or you are not sure if you have DCOM, run the DCOM installation (DCom95.Exe located on your IApproach installer CD), restart your PC and then Reinstall IApproach.
  6. 6). Windows 2000 or XP - Your system may be missing the ODBC Microsoft Access drivers so IApproach is unable to create a data source. You can check this by clicking on 'Start'->'Control panel'-> Administrative tools' then 'Data sources'. Click on the 'Drivers' tab and look for 'Microsoft Access Driver (MDB)' in the list. If this entry does not exist, you should call or email us for further assistance. [ 800.783.2827 or 614.885.1169 [email protected]]

Q] "This copy of IApproach is outdated - Please insert the most recent issue ..." message

A).  Try opening Airworthiness Directives section before trying to access any other section of IApproach.
If the Airworthiness Directives section does not open, the CD you are using is likely out of date.
Please contact us to obtain a current disc - 800.783.2827 or 614.885.1169 

Q] "system error 31" or similar message - Windows ME users only.

A).  If you upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows ME, Microsoft has acknowledged that problems exist with MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) being installed. MDAC must be in place before IApproach can be installed. Microsoft has issued the following description and workaround to the problem: Microsoft issue and resolution: (Note: This is for advanced Windows users only. Please contact Tdata Technical support if you need help with this procedure.) The error can occur when the ODBC drivers are damaged or corrupt or a mismatched version of MDAC is installed. Since you have Windows ME installed, the new feature "System File Protection" of Windows ME will prevent you to update MDAC. System File Protection (SFP) is a feature implemented in Windows ME that ensures files critical to system operation are not replaced by older versions or versions not approved by Microsoft. If a product, including Microsoft products, attempts to replace a Windows Millennium protected file with an older version of a protected file, the files will be replaced with the protected files automatically and silently. To install the MDAC 2.6 (or MDAC 2.5 SP1) successfully, you may try the following steps: 1. Make a bootable disk. 2. Reboot the system from the floppy disk so that you can start up in DOS mode. 3. Rename (do not delete) the following files located in the c:\windows\system directory on your PC to *.old: ODBC32.dll and ODBCJT32.dll Note: the files are located in the System directory. Please write down the file version before renaming and check the new file version after you install MDAC. Thus, you can make sure whether or not the old files are replaced by the new ones when you install MDAC 2.6 or MDAC 2.5 SP1. 4. Rename (do not delete) the following files located in the c:\windows directory on your PC to *.old: ODBC.ini, ODBCINST.ini 5. Reboot the system to Normal mode, and install MDAC. Check if MDAC is installed correctly. 6. Reinstall IApproach and try running the program. If you need assistance, please contact us at 800.783.2827 or 614.885.1169 or [email protected] 

Q] When I click on Summary of STC's and I get an hour glass and then it goes away and nothing happens

A).  Install the latest version of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website. 

Q] If I uninstall or reinstall IApproach will I destroy my saved files?

A).  No. Your workfiles will stay in the default folder. For XP - C:\Program files\IA6 and for Windows 7 and Vista - Documents/IApproach