InfoBase support

Q] "How can I print labels from another application?"

A).  You have to export the data to a file in order to print from another application. Other appllications may include Microsoft Access, a spreadsheet program or other database program. Complete the following steps:
1).   Select the search parameters (i.e. registration, state, and/or zip). 
2).   Click the Export button and enter the path or location where you want the file saved. (Example: c:\directory\filename) 
3).   Choose the type of file you want to export (.txt, .xls, etc....) 
4).   This step may take a few minutes, but you should receive a message that says the file was successfully exported.

5).   Once the file is exported, open the file you created with the appropriate application and prepare to print labels. 
6).   For more information refer to the help file in the program.

Q] “How can I exclude records from a search, before I print labels?”

A).  Export the file and use another program to eliminate unwanted records. (See "How can I print labels from another application?"  above or refer to help file).
1).   Open exported file in the appropriate application and delete unwanted records.

2).   Print labels.

Q] Searches do not return expected results.

A).  Try using less specific criteria in your searches.

Q]  Error "MSDART32.DLL" missing.

A). Reinstalling the program may not fix this problem. This is caused by Windows XP improperly naming the msdart dll file. Download (save) DARTFIX.BAT to your desktop and click on it. This will make a copy of MSDART.DLL and name it MSDART32.DLL. It will be placed in the Windows/System32 directory. 
This should allow you to run the InfoBase CD.