MTrax support

Q] "Error opening database "X:\MTraxData.mdb is not a valid path"

A).  On Windows Vista, Win7 and Win8 machines, mapped drives will sometimes not be properly
       restored when you restart the machine.

This can occur when trying to run MTrax ( or any other software ) that connects to a database over a mapped drive.

To resolve this issue, you should be logged into the computer with administrator rights.

You can either follow steps 1 through 7 below -OR- right click this file, save to your computer then double click the file and choose 'Merge'

After you have merged the file into your registry, restart your computer

If you want to modify your Registry manually, follow the steps below.

You will need to configure the registry setting "EnabledLinkedConnections" as described below;

1. Click 'Start', then type regedit into the Search box, and then press the ENTER key.

2. Locate the following registry subkey:


3. Right-click on the 'System' hive and select 'New', and choose 'DWORD Value'.

4. Type EnableLinkedConnections and then press ENTER.

5. Right-click on 'EnableLinkedConnections' and select 'Modify'.

6. In the 'Value data' box, replace the 0 with 1 , and then click 'OK'.

7. Exit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.

Q] "MTrax version 1.x - Printing - I get an ODBC error under European or similar language settings"

A).  You are running a very old version of MTrax. Obtain the latest version from Tdata.

Q] "MTrax version 1.x - Server Has Not Yet Been Opened" error message when attempting to view reports.

A). You may receive this error if your Windows operating system was installed under a non english language. The "C:\Program files" and other system folders may not be named with the English convention, therefore the MTrax data source (database location) must be configured manually.

1). After you have ensured that you are logged onto your computer with administrative rights, complete the following steps:

2). Navigate to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Data Sources (ODBC) and click on the 'File DSN' tab.

3). If 'MtraxDueList' is already listed, click on 'Configure' and 'Select directory' then skip to step #9.

4). If 'MtraxDueList' is not listed click the 'Add' button.

5). From the list of drivers select either Microsoft Text Driver or Microsoft Text-Treiber then click 'Next'.

6). You will be prompted for the location for the data source. Type MtraxDueList into the box and click the 'next' button. (do not use the browse button).

7). Click on the 'Finish' button.

8). Remove the checkmark next to 'Use current directory' then click the 'Select directory' button.

9). Navigate to C:\Program Files\MTrax\Database then click the 'OK' button. Click 'OK' again and your MtraxDueList entry can now be seen in the list.

NOTE: The path name in step 9 may not be exactly as shown depending on your language setting. Use the closest match in your language (ex: C:\ARCHIVOS DE PROGRAMA)

10). Click 'OK' to close the database administrator.

11). Start MTrax and use the report function.

Q] MTrax version 1.x - When trying to use the shelving feature on an individual component, I get the error “MTrax MFC has encountered a problem and needs to close...” and I am unable to complete the shelving.

A).  You are missing a file that is required for MTrax to complete this operation.  You can obtain this file from Tdata via e-mail request or download the ShelfItemList.csv file (RIGHT-CLICK and choose 'save target as') then save it in your “C:\Program files\MTrax\Database” folder.

Q] Will MTrax run under Windows® 7 and Vista?

A).  Yes - simply modify the MTrax shortcut to grant proper permissions. See the MTrax Vista bulletin for more information.