MTrax™ activation - Version 2.x

Thank you for purchasing MTrax!

  • MTrax can only be run on the number of computers specified in your license agreement.
  • This means that if you purchased a single copy of MTrax, you can activate it on only one computer.
  • Please make sure that you activate MTrax on the computer that you intend to permanently run it on. This will save you the trouble of having to uninstall and re-activate the software on another PC.
  • Your Machine ID and Serial number are available from the registration screen.
  • The registration screen can be accessed either from the startup screen or the 'File' pulldown menu.

If your demo period has already expired:

  • If MTrax expires before you have the opportunity to register,
  • You will see this screen.
  • Please contact Tdata to purchase and register your copy of MTrax.


If your demo period has not expired, you can access the registration screen in two places;

  • When you start MTrax, you can either click on the register button -OR- click on the 'File' pulldown menu


The registration screen will appear:

  • When you click on 'Continue' at the bottom of this page, you will be prompted for your information.
  • This includes your Machine ID and Serial number.
  • You will be provided with an authorization code within a few hours after successfully sumbitting your
  • registration information.



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